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DJC Electronics would like to introduce our brand new Dropship service now available to businesses new or experienced to online trading.

Who are DJC Electronics?
DJC Electronics are a British based electronics brand selling to online customers. We have quickly established ourselves as a reliable brand, providing fantastic customer service levels. We have been established since early 2009 and already have an array of unique electronics that are only retailed by DJC Electronics.

What is Dropshipping?
For those that are new to Dropshipping, the process is very simple. You, our customer, creates an online trade account with us. Once this has been approved, you shall be able to view trade prices for the individual products once logged in, and we shall send you a 'DJC Starter Pack', which contains photos, information, and further product specifications to help you on your way. You choose what price to sell the product for and after a sale is made, then purchase at the reduced price on your trade account, and the difference between your sales and purchase price is kept as profit.

Why should I choose DJC Electronics and your products?
DJC Electronics only retail attractive, well-priced and unique electronics that have been researched thoroughly by our purchasing department ensuring that DJC's customers receive the very best quality at the best possible price. We shall continue to research and source cutting edge electronics in the near future to bring our customers the very best products available.

DJC Electronics pride ourselves on our Customer Service level. We are unrivalled by any other electronics supplier by promising to dispatch all orders received by 7pm daily. All trade customers would have access to our sales team instantly using instant messaging for an immediate answer, or by email, all of which will be answered within a few hours. We will always support our trade customers in situations where a refund is needed, and will generally provide a level of service currently not given by any other Dropshipping service elsewhere.

Down to Business!
Our trade customers can expect profit margins of around 12-20% after all fees have been deducted by third parties (e.g eBay). Those that already retail electronics will know that this is a very healthy margin for products of this nature. 

We do not charge a monthly or annual fee.

Sign Up?
To sign up for DJC Dropshipping please apply for a trade account here.